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The first time I wrote this, it was full of witty phrasing and fantastic links. The second time, the wittiness was decreased but the links remained.  This time, I’m rather annoyed and I’m quite certain that all wittiness will be gone and the number of links diminished…I’ll do my best, though.  In other news: WordPress, why do you hate me today?

There’s a question reminiscent of the age-old chicken-or-egg conundrum here: did we pick our locations because they fit well with our books, or did we pick our books because they made sense with our locations?  The answer is, a little bit of both.  When we were brainstorming, we came up with a long list of possible titles to discuss and a long list of possible locations to visit.  Then we came up with some of our top choices and began contacting owners and managers.  Nobody said no – this, I think, speaks to how awesome this program is going to be, and also makes me really hope that this program is a roaring success so we can go to some of the other places on our list!

Our first discussion, in July, will be held at Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2011 Chef of the Year Kevin Sousa’s newest restaurant, Union Pig and Chicken.  Sousa’s first restaurant, Salt of the Earth, has been receiving rave reviews since it opened in 2010.  Molly and I checked out Union Pig and Chicken for dinner last night and were blown away by the ambience, delicious food, and ridiculous portion sizes — there’s a reason everyone’s buzzing about it.

In August, we’ll be visiting Polish Hill’s Lili Coffee*Shop.  Lili shares a building with Mind Cure Records and Copacetic Comics, and it was the coffee + comics equation that led to our selecting a graphic novel set in Seattle as our discussion title here.  Word on the street is that the food and the atmosphere at Lili are both amazing. It’ll be a great place to get our Book Buzz – and caffeine buzz – on.

September’s location is one of my personal favorite local watering holes, Remedy.  Located in Lawrenceville, Remedy has a great food menu, awesome dance parties, and some of the best bartenders around.  And the first-class beer selection (warning: the draft selection changes more often than that blog) can help contribute to a third kind of buzz.

Can’t wait to see you and start the Buzz going!


3 thoughts on “Where we’re going

  1. See you next time for Black Hole (about half way into it) ……typically not what i usually read but neither was Blood,Bones and Butter and as a senior citizen …..needing a stretch. thank you for this very unique opportunity.

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