Book Buzz TONIGHT! Let’s start thinking about zombies.

So, in just a few hours I’ll be meeting up with some awesome readers at House of the Dead to discuss Feed, the first book in the Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant.  I’m so excited to talk to people about this book!  Are you coming?  If so, here are some things I’m looking forward to discussing:

Was the future depicted in Feed realistic? Why or why not?

How did the infection affect how people access and interpret the news? Do you think the media outlets of 2040?

Georgia, Georgette, Shaun, “Irwins,” even using the term “zombie” to refer to the infected — what do you think of the use of current zombie lore being used in Feed?  Did it make things more realistic, or pull you out of the story?

Who was your favorite or least favorite character? What did you think about the relationships between the characters?

While Feed is a zombie novel, there is a lot more to it — do you think Grant is trying to make any statements about current culture?  What themes do you notice in the book?

The ending of Feed is…a little bit of a cliffhanger.  Are you excited to read the sequel?

(Oh, BTW — Geek Pittsburgh interviewed me about this book discussion! Read the article here.)

Not dead yet,



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