Bad Craft Night + Cookie Exchange

Tuesday, December 10th | 6:00-8:00pm

CLP – Lawrenceville | 279 Fisk St., 15201

Do you know how many random craft supplies the Library has? Leftovers from craft programs, things people have donated, things that we’ve found hidden in cabinets…help us get rid of some of this stuff at our first ever BAD CRAFT NIGHT.

Our goal is not to make great art. Instead, we want to see your WORST. What can YOU do with googly eyes, bits of yarn and old buttons? What if we hand you a glue gun, some felt, and half a silk lei? Make something awesomely awful to give away at a white elephant gift exchange. Create something to show your ex how much you (don’t) care. Make Aunt Ida something in exchange for the horrible Christmas sweaters she insists on making each year.

If you insist, you can make something that’s not horrible. We won’t judge.

Because it’s the season for fat and sugar, we’ll also be eating cookies! Bring along something you’re dying to get out of your house or make something delicious just for the occasion – your call.

Cookies and crafts…what could be better?

See you on Tuesday,