Book Buzzers


Dan is a librarian who works on outreach, partnerships, and all sorts of other library work that happens outside of library locations.  His interests include food memoirs, graphic novels, and zombie books.

(Note: Apparently Dan also became a librarian because he likes spiders. Who knew?)

Molly is a naturalized Pittsburgher who navigates the city looking for opportunities to try new things, eat good food, and evangelize about the library.

Steve Banks is the Library Assistant for Adult Services at CLP- Lawrenceville. When he’s not at the library, he enjoys, among other things, genealogy, medieval history, college basketball season, and his collection of live Jimi Hendrix recordings. When he’s at the library he enjoys those things too, but not as much, since, you know, he’s supposed to be helping other people with finding books, getting information, and stuff like that – which he likes to do too, it’s just hard to do at home without other people there. His reading interests include comics and graphic novels; fiction by Steve Berry and Olen Steinhauer; non-fiction about World War I, and scholarly work about the medieval history of the British Isles.

Oh, by the by, that’s not my real heart on my sleeve. That would be gross.

Chris Gmiter is the manager of East Liberty. When he isn’t at work, he is probably thinking about the Penguins or Pitt Football.  He resides in Scott Township, which is within 10 minutes of no fewer than 4 ice rinks.

what is she looking at???

Tessa Barber is the Teen Services Librarian at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – East Liberty. She’s reading graphic novels all year, except when she takes a little vacation from them to read things like E. Lockhart, Alan Hollinghurst or James Wright.  Her goal for the summer is to make as many different homemade popsicle flavors as she can. She co-blogs about YA books (and TMNT) here.









Shayna Ross is the Clerical Specialist at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Brookline. She really enjoys reading comics and obscure fiction books, doodling with inspiration from Scott Pilgrim, and drinking an excessive amount of coffee. She is also a vegetarian, but don’t worry, she generally keeps this to herself. Yes, yes, you may eat that burger (dead animal) with bacon (more animal) with a side of wings (so much animal).


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